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The GROSS Family

From 1749 to 1753, a large number of "foreign protestants" were enticed to Nova Scotia by agents of the British. They played a crucial role in the initial expansion of the British colony and in particular the founding of Lunenburg. The ancestors of Selena Gross (Parker) probably arrived at Halifax, N.S. around 1752 part of this "Foreign Protestant" movement. They probably had their origin in Palatine, Germany. Five generations later the marriage of George Robert Gross and Mary Jane Wagner produced several children among them a daughter they named Selena Catherine Gross.


George Robert (Creaser) Gross, born April 20, 1845 Eagle Head, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada, is my Great Grandfather and Selena Catherine Gross is my maternal grandmother. My Mom was Selena's daughter and my Cousin June's Paternal Grandmother. Long before computers, Cousin June had finalized the Gross family tree and we have over the years accepted it without question. Cousin June's Gross family tree shows Conrad Krüser, who sailed to Halifax N.S. on the ship Gale in 1752, to be the father of the new world Gross family. In 2010, we learned that the Conrad Krüser family lineage might be incorrect and therefore, we have had to go back and take a closer look.

Mildred Gross with two Parker Cousins Olive and Irene

One has to remember that Cousin June's research was done before computers and the internet as we know them today. Her research was done by visiting libraries, talking with known relatives and writing letters to genealogy government and church centers. Her extensive references, letters and notes have always encouraged us to look further. To view a copy of Cousin June's Gross Family data Click Here.

It is well documented that George Robert (Creaser) Gross b 1845, married 1866 Mary Jane Wagner b 1845 and are the parents of Mary Selena Catherine Gross. June's data shows George Robert b 1845 to be a Junior to George Robert Creaser Sr b 1815 and his father to be George Michael Creaser b 1782 m 1808 Anna Barbara Risser. There seems to be two problems with the above. First, we can find no records indicating that Anna Barbara Risser had a son, only a daughter, Rebecca. Second, Records show that a Johann Jacob (Crouse) Kraus, b 1785, was the father of Johann Georg (George) Greiser (Creaser) b 1815 m 1838 Dorcas Ann Remby. Johann and Dorcas had the son, George Robert (Creaser) Gross b 1845. Using this data, it is clear that 1) George Robert was not a Junior; 2) For whatever reason, George Robert changed his name to Gross.


Thanks to the help of Scott Winston Teal, author, professional genealogist and probable distant relative, we have the name Johann Jacob Kraus, b 1726 Evangelisch Haardt, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany and immigrated as part of the foreign protestant movement to Nova Scotia in 1752 on the ship Pearl. Johann Jacob and his wife, Maria Clara Sweizter, b about 1732 in Germany had 13 children.

If Johann Jacob Kraus is the patriarch, then one of his children has to be the ancestor of George Robert (Creaser) Gross b 1845. In an email dated Sept 21, 2010, Scott wrote as follows: "Johann Jacob Kraus b 1726 is twice my ancestor though his son Leonhard Anton Kraus." All well and good but which son is our ancestor and how many generations are there between our George Robert (Creaser) Gross b 1845 and Johann Jacob Kraus b 1726?

>In August, 2010, Scott Teal emailed us: "They (the Gross') come from an illegitimate line which may be the reason for the obscurity of this family. Johann Georg [Johann Georg (George) Greiser (Creaser) b 1815] had a brother Johann Georg. One known as John and the other George to English clerics in Queens County. George married Dorcas Remby and the other the widow Holland, formerly Maria Sophia Teal."

In an email dated April 23, 2015, Scott Teal states: "I am 99.9999999999% positive - dare I say 100% sure that Johann Jacob Kraus (Crouse) b 1785 is the great grandfather of George Robert (Creaser) Gross b 1845."

In an email dated February 22, 2017, Scott Teal states: "The last time we spoke I was near certain they derived from the Kraus family. Today, I am far less certain of this. It is still possible, but a few other candidates have surfaced all of whom cast enough of a looming shadow on the matter; to cause me to stand back and do further investigation.".

STATUS AS OF 3/1/2017

Although data has linked George Robert Gross to the Johann Jacob Kraus b. 1726 family, the Mother of Johann Georg [Johann Georg (George) Greiser (Creaser) b 1815] remains a mystery; there is still a question of illegitimacy. And we do not know the reason why George Robert changed his name to Gross. Are these issues tied together? DID GEORGE ROBERT DISCOVER THAT HIS FATHER WAS BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK AND FOR THE SAKE OF HIS FAMILY, CHANGE HIS NAME TO GROSS?

In the end, it may be true that George Robert's ancestors are as stated in Cousin June's lineage and that illegitimacy is NOT an issue. As Scott Teal says: "The Gross family are most definitely a challenge for any researcher." We will leave further research on the Gross family to our descendant or other cousins, unless something factual comes our way. (LMZ)


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