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The Farrelly and Barry Families

For the past several years, we have been gathering information on the Barry, Murphy, Young and Farrelly families. The data we currently have (Nov, 2019) has come from various sources. In particular, we want to recognize for their contribution: Kevin Farrelly b. 1954, (a lawyer currently living in New York City); John (Sean) Young, Drumalee, Cavan, Ireland, 1929-2017; and Monsignor Edward Tully, Belturbert, Cavan, Ireland, 1916-1997.

Following is an excerpt of a letter sent by Sean Young to LMZ on July 29, 1995 describing the struggle one has to search their Irish ancestry.
We finally obtained a copy of the 1911 Census for the Young household in Billis and I am pleased to enclose it with this letter.

The queries you raise about ages are not so easy to answer accurately at this stage. This is partly explained by an almost total lack of official records before about 1820. The Churches started keeping records about 1812. People born before that time had little if anything recorded about their Birth or Baptism and the Irish of the time with a sort of inbuilt disrespect for Authority were reluctant to give accurate information. You will note for instance that Susan Cahill Young's age according to the 1901 Census is given as 55, yet 10 years later in 1911 the same lady is recorded as being 69. I have come across many similar instances and have now decided to carry on without wasting to much time looking for accurate data which I probably will not find in many cases.

Having regard to the climate which existed at that time I think the best we can do is place people as far as possible in order of birth to the nearest 5 or 6 years. You mention Thomas Young 1791-1875. I have chosen to "doubt" the accuracy of the age on the "headstone". The 1821 Census as 30 at that time and that "sits" better with the ages given for his siblings and their respective wives. The dates of birth of his children also "sit" better with a man of 30 in 1821 than if he were 54 as the "headstone" suggests.

I have got a fair amount of material on the machine now and I enclose a copy for your information. You will note that some of it requires a good deal of work yet by way of filling in accurate details. I find it more time consuming to get details of some of the living and more recent descendants. I expect you already have most of the information you require.

I promise to update you from time to time as I gather more information. When you were here we talked about getting some old photos on to disc. I intend to start making a collection of these and when I have it together I will seek your help. As a start I am sending you a copy (poor quality) of Granny Young (Susan Cahill), her two daughters Margaret (P.J's Mother) and Mary A. (Ed. Tully's Mother) and their brother Philip. I am unable to put an accurate date on the photo but speculate that it must be around the early years of this century.

We continue to search for information, especially on the Barry family. The Barry family is complicated by the fact that many Irish men (usual starting place for genealogy) did not accompany their wives and children on the trip to America. In addition, English landlords looking to evict penniless Irish tenants would pay to have them shipped to British North America causing undocumented passengers, misspelled names and even family member omissions on the passenger lists.

Information regarding the Barry and Farrelly Families journey to America and their early life in America is available in the Family Albums in menu on the left side of this page.


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