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George Robert Gross, 1845-1904

George Robert Gross, b.1845 Author of this Registry: Ronald Leonard Reynolds

Cousin Ron has put together a wonderful website over at The site contains almost 3,000 names of Ron's family - Reynolds/DeMoranville/Gross/Thomas/Pittsley. The Gross family tree tracks George Robert Gross, b.1845, ancestors and descendents. While both Ron and I agree there is some argument for revisions on the ancestors of George Robert Gross, Ron's tree, as is, provides interesting history about the Gross family.

Here is how Ronald Leonard is related as a 2nd cousin once removed:

L. Michael Zacchilli (Me)
Olive Ellen PARKER, my mother
Mary Selena Catherine GROSS (PARKER), her mother
Edwin Alberton "Bert" Gross, her brother
Mildred Alberta GROSS (deMoranville), his daughter
Dolores Irene deMoranville (REYNOLDS), her daughter
Ronald Leonard REYNOLDS, her son

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Thomas Parker, 1773-1868

THOMAS PARKER, 1773-1868Author of this Registry: Bill Whitney

This Registry is a record of the descendants, by birth or marriage, of Thomas Parker and his wife Ann Mears. Thomas and his siblings were the children of Loyalist Benjamin Parker, born 1745 (m Rachel Thropp), left New Jersey and emigrated to New Brunswick after the American Revolution. Some of their children stayed in New Brunswick but others crossed the Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia. Thomas was one of those who moved and his descendants intermarried with many of the other early families. The Nova Scotia Parkers are linked to our family tree as follows: Thomas, 1773 is the 3rd Great Grandson of Elisha Parker, 1634.

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Robert Parker, 1630-1684

Lothrop Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, MAAuthor of this Registry: Brian Prescott Parker

Robert Parker born in England, lived and died in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony. His two wives had twelve children in the years 1658 to 1681. Robert is buried in Lothrop Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, MA.

Two tenth generation descendants of sons Daniel and Benjamin met on the internet and now match on 38 markers in their respective Y Chromosome DNAs.

Robert’s brother Elisha Parker, 1634 (see has descendants who match on many markers with these sons (see family group #5 for listings P01, P67, P145 and P180 at Genealogical research and genetic DNA matching show the merging family lines.

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Bertha Jane Parker, 1892-1977 & Rusell Ferdinand Shurtleff, 1889-1968

Bertha Parker and husband Russell ShurtleffAuthor of this Registry: Harold Arthur Shurtleff Jr

Bertha Jane Parker was born 15 Feb 1892 in Plympton, MA, the first child of Warren Wesley Parker and Mary Selena Catherine Gross (My Mother's sister, my Aunt - LMZ)

Bertha married Russell Ferdinand Shurtleff on 29 Aug 1910 in Plympton, Mass. Author, "Hal" Arthur Shurtleff Jr is the son of Harold Arthur Shurtleff Sr, son of Bertha and Russell. The Shurtleff family in America dates back to the Mayflower. The family was active in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars and in State and local politics through-out our country's history.

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